23 Jan 2009


Super duper amazing movie! The action, the love, the tragedy! Everything is amazing in this movie! The movie is amazing! Aamir Khan has acted amazingly! His 8 pack abs! He is an amazing actor! The movie starts of with him having amnesia, the story of him meeting Kalpana is explained firstly by a flash back, the inspector reads his diary. The story is beautiful it feels very very real!Her innocence the way she cares about

13 Jan 2009

Uttam’s Bday

Last night all of us at home went to a cool eat out called South Indies! Amazing food, at food from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka the food was amazing i liked the Neer Dosa the best, it was soooo soft, it melted in my mouth! The pineapple soup was interesting! The sweet as usual was a bit too heavy for me to eat! Dileep my cousin came home and spent time with

2 Jan 2009

1st working day free!!!!

I went to VJ's house, was in coll around 9:30 and at 11 mam took attendance and left us off by 11:15 and i was killing time till 12:30 hogged lunch and dad picked me up at around 1 back home by 1:15 and slept off

1 Jan 2009

Jan 01 09

My day was so so, it started out with a bang! I called up my soul sister Deepti, and wished her a happieeeee wapieeeeeeeee new year (sounds funny right?) Then i called up Garima and wished her she was almost asleep and i guess i woke her up :P I called 4 other friends who did not pick their phones up, 2 of them were at Church and the other 2 had switched their phones