28 Feb 2011


Well this year I have done so many things I have never done before, and im amazing myself everyday and maybe others as well. I staged a play did not design or even attend in bloom, I went on my first every journey on a train to Chennai, and ya first time to Chennai, spent and entire day in a studio went to a beach, which i have never done so far, got a massive

1 Feb 2011

Change Part 3

Now I am 21 an adult I guess? Addictions are something all of us have, and Im addicted to Vampires and any romantic story Is it because I lack a love life? or a life outside college and work? Is it cause it is only a myth? That you cant find the life you or Im always after? Dreaming a life that is never possible, and life becoming a dream at the end of the

31 Dec 2010

The Decade

This is going to be one of those massive posts, which might make some people teary eyed, so given fare warning about it. So lets start from the early 2000's 2000 came to the new big building in Aurobindo 2001 lost my granddad and started to wear the skirt and blouse uniform (lol) 2002 I met Deepti my bestest best friend, who is my total soul sister came to high school 2003 Lost Ajji which

17 Nov 2010

A New Life

This post had to be written a long time ago, I haven't had the time to, honestly! Doing post graduation in Christ University now, taken up Msc in Communication, haven't had the time to breathe till today, nor the mood actually. I have loads to talk about, so this is one of the those monstrous posts warned you already! So my class is pretty cool, it is not like FEP, very sweet bunch of friends,

3 Apr 2010

I know when

I know when i am leaving college When I am no longer checking my attendance When I am no longer worrying about Darpan or Inbloom and a theme When I am not thinking about a logo When I am not staying up doing an assignment When I don't need to plan my outfit for the next day When I don't need to worry about my hair When I don't need to fix some part of

7 Feb 2010


Things happen for a reason, call it fate or destiny everything has a purpose. So this post is about how I am feeling nostalgic and stuff, about 30 days left in college, some things have happened which are simply amazing! First thing that changed me, was ordering my cam, originally I wanted a sony h9! Thank God Uttam suggested this camera! Taking the certificate course was prolly the best thing I did, I made soooooo

1 Jan 2010

2009 Written

This year has been the most remarkable year! Successful events, winning first place for the first time, being in final year, getting an imac! Wow this year has truly been amazing! So the year started of with Inbloom 09, which went of really well minus my cam though. Then came Silhouette! It was the best thing that happened in 2nd yr in our dept i swear! I owe it all to my class and my

27 Aug 2009

Change Part 2

So this is now, this is what makes my future! Are you a part of my future? It is upto you, and what you decide. So this is now. I am not a stranger to myself now, but maybe then when I am in my future I might not know what I am then and what I am now. So I want you to know This is me now. I have changed And I am