13 Apr 2009

An odd week

Tuesday was the last day i ate out, wednesday i was fine, thursday morn i was fine, but thirsday night i felt really tired and i had a bad headache! When mum checked my temperature i had about 101 degrees, so i had a crocin, the fever had gone but in the morning again i had fever so in the evening at around 5 dad and me went to Indra Nursing Home and met the

7 Apr 2009

Knock knock

Knock Knock Whose there? Someone who doesnt care! Ok so what do u want from me now? I want to eat you up from the inside. Replies: oh well go ahead do you want me to add any flavouring? Yeah sure, anything you like will do! What about pain, good hard pain? Better to eat then i say!

6 Apr 2009

2nd Year Over!

I am done with 2 full years in Christ College, i am a free bird! I am in mixed emotions now, im happy that i have finished 2 yrs and im sad that i have only 1 more year left in college! I am going to make most out of it! Music dancing whatever it may be! I am going to do it with all the effort! So cheers to a new year and cheers

4 Apr 2009

As i write

As i write, i stare at a blank post, its very metaphorical to my life at the moment. I am having a conflict within me, this is the 1st time i have stared at my laptops screen and thought what i am going to after college, this is the time i have to decide what i have to do for the rest of my life, and so my status message is wants to turn a

27 Mar 2009


Change is Necessary Babyhood to childhood Child to a teen Teen to an adult Adult and life? What does life, hold? Change? is change a part of life? First year to second year to a final year From being know one, to all known From a meek thing to a loud noisy creative person What does future hold? Its uncertain But change is certain. Change will come, is coming, and will always happen I was

15 Mar 2009

Two years over in Christ College

Pinch me, two years over in Christ College, from first FEP to second, from Christ College to Christ University.  April 2007 was one hell of a month, i was blinking what i was going to take, which college i was going to join, got into Christ, felt i was dreaming and i still feel so, best college in Bangalore! Graphic design, newsletter, one act play festival, after that, communiquere and then 1st yr over. Next

11 Feb 2009

Identity or Individuality?

I was thinking for a while, if i am having identity or individuality conflicts. One defines his or her identity by what he or she does, actions speak louder than words, so i am as an individual judged only by what i do, my style of designing, photos, the music i listen to the dress i wear? Isn't it like i am just being judged by my outer cover, like a tortoise and its shell,

4 Feb 2009

Mid semester fever, what next?

All my 6 papers are over, the 2 papers i felt the easiest were psychology and photography. I had fun writing the two papers, i felt optional was nice but i am not too sure about that. So after all the hype about the mid semester exam, what is going to change my life? I need inspiration to make something nice, i am not even able to play my music nicely! This seems very odd,