6 Jul 2008

Bennigton Carlton A Story

Bennigton Carlton A Story Characters in the story- ·Mr. Bennigton Carlton-the hero, ·The Butler a guy from Puerto Rico Carlos Codas and his wife Senora Codas, ·His daughter Kate named after his late wife Kate, ·The bus driver, ·Kate’s best friend Rivan, ·The Hijackers who work for ‘The Young Strikers’, ·Canate Striker the son of the villainous gang the Strikers.   ‘God I wish you can help me I am confused please help me’ whispered

6 Jul 2008

Drama un-edited

Rules are meant to be broken Characters of the play Jodi Parker Matt Sandburg Catherine Parker- Jodi’s mother, she takes care of her until she turns 18. Mitch Parker- Jodi’s father, Jodi has not seen him much as he left when she was only 7 years of age. Stephen Sandburg- Matt’s parents, owners of a world renowned magazine E! Talk. Scene 1 Stephen’s cabinet (Left of the stage) Stephen:Next person please! Come on in young

5 Jul 2008

Drama’s and Stories

The latest assignment I have got from college is to write a drama which is related to America I shall be starting that in a bit these are the basic ideas I have jotted down so far- i was thinking of 2 houses which r next to each other they prolly go to to same school and then they move out to diff states cuz their parents spilt up and then they finally meet each