4 Oct 2008

Mystique Serenity

The wind blows gently on your face, It feels as though someone is touching you softly, gently, You are being pulled towards it. The cool gentle feeling of being caressed by nature By its splendid mystique feeling You are being drawn towards it, It completes us, it makes us feel that we are a part of something beautiful A World of

3 Oct 2008

October so far

The month just started and quiet a lot has happened already! I have a portfolio to submit tomorrow and Luz my lappy is dead she has gone to hp hopefully she is fixable, I have loads of work left to finish and my exams start next week so thats crazy So tomo is saturday, I have to clean my table up, find my ipods usb cable and I have to load the photos i clicked

29 Sep 2008

One thing you should know….

One thing you should know You control my life Like I am some thing Hurting me, ripping me from inside and not out Your words can make me jump from a scrapper Thinking I have survived the fall, dusting me As though I am alright just by that Can’t express my feelings, Can’t sing it Can’t play games no more Cannot be controlled any longer I need to reach to you and tell you That

23 Aug 2008

Wall E!

Disclaimer if you have not seen the film do not read it! Its a story worth the watch , if you really want to know the movie before renting it then you can though :P Recently a junior of mine Abey from university gave me the movie wall e! I have seen several movies and documentaries on pollution and there is a lot of talking in them, this movie doesn't have people talking much through

1 Aug 2008


Chapter 1: Saving of a life in the works. It was a cold wintery evening in Hull, the fire was nice and warm, and Kimberly was waiting in the window platform for her father. He has never come home late, but this evening he has taken more time than usual to come back. Danny her father is a Cardio Surgeon, he is one of the leading doctors in Hull, he is ranked in his country

27 Jul 2008

All my poems

These are all my poems that I have written so far- Nature the painting of the world Which can be seen by all Flowers show the colors of the rainbow when it isn’t raining The water shows us the sky which is very far away from us. Trees make us to reach our goals by their height. Nature reflects what we could have been.

9 Jul 2008

Outline of my newest story

1. Characters: Protagonists: Character Name: Kimberly Nick name: Kimmy Age: 25 Gender: Female Hair Colour: Blonde/ Gold Average Clothing: Designer Wear Occupation: Journalist Race: Caucasian Family Information: Parents: Father: Donald Mother: Cassandra Aunt: Katherine Special Powers: Writing Debating History: She has been playing Basketball since she was 6 Character Name: Katherine Nick name: Cathy Age: 25 Gender: Female Hair Colour: Blonde/ Gold Average Clothing: Designer Wear Occupation: Advertising Race: Caucasian Family Information: Niece: Kimberly Brother: