1 Feb 2011

Change Part 3

Now I am 21 an adult I guess? Addictions are something all of us have, and Im addicted to Vampires and any romantic story Is it because I lack a love life? or a life outside college and work? Is it cause it is only a myth? That you cant find the life you or Im always after? Dreaming a life that is never possible, and life becoming a dream at the end of the

27 Aug 2009

Change Part 2

So this is now, this is what makes my future! Are you a part of my future? It is upto you, and what you decide. So this is now. I am not a stranger to myself now, but maybe then when I am in my future I might not know what I am then and what I am now. So I want you to know This is me now. I have changed And I am

17 May 2009

Aah Bliss!

Clouds in the skies floating, pouring rain Thundering and scaring people, The moisture trapped in them, Soft clouds, going through hills, through houses at a height.   Feeling the moisture I want to reach it I want to touch the clouds. Feel the water on my hands, on my face without it being there. Like a soft cold hand, making a warm sad face, Happy. Creating sparks without electricity.   Creating a complex set of

27 Mar 2009


Change is Necessary Babyhood to childhood Child to a teen Teen to an adult Adult and life? What does life, hold? Change? is change a part of life? First year to second year to a final year From being know one, to all known From a meek thing to a loud noisy creative person What does future hold? Its uncertain But change is certain. Change will come, is coming, and will always happen I was

7 Dec 2008

free bird!

Free bird! I can spread my wings and fly! Dance sing play when i want to! Let loose, let my mind not to control me My heart tells me to run with the wind Like a horse! Run and fly and soar thru the sky! Breathing the pure air! Feeling what I miss The innocence Gaiety in the air! I miss it truly! Running free and wild! Breaking barriers! Physically, emotionally! Spreading my wings and

17 Nov 2008


Friends are to stay through thick and thin In good and in bad! But lately only in Good Not when hurt Not when troubled Friends throughout life A bond Indescribable Timeless Precious, Love which cannot change, nor die Something that stays forever Something that should increase Not decrease A downward trend Ups and down and now down down Into all the trouble possible Missing it Loved it Need

14 Nov 2008

I Quit

I quit, I am not going to try anymore I quit thinking I quit creativity I quit analyzing I quit wasting time I quit feeling this way I quit trying to put effort I quit trying to talking to inannimate things Inanimated people stone like Figures of greatness I quit I quit Call me a quitter Call me a failure I quit explaining all that I

11 Nov 2008

Bye forever

I am waiting, and waiting, For the right time to tell this, I want to shrivel away, Blown off ufffff. With every moment passing by Its harder harder Bruised inside and out, Hurting inside and out Difficult times i felt passed by But not true It was a small sign that something worse is to come Somethings magnitude cannot be measured So now I wish everyone To wish that i was never there A touch

4 Oct 2008

Mystique Serenity

The wind blows gently on your face, It feels as though someone is touching you softly, gently, You are being pulled towards it. The cool gentle feeling of being caressed by nature By its splendid mystique feeling You are being drawn towards it, It completes us, it makes us feel that we are a part of something beautiful A World of