Change is Necessary
Babyhood to childhood
Child to a teen
Teen to an adult
Adult and life?

What does life, hold?
Change? is change a part of life?
First year to second year to a final year
From being know one, to all known

From a meek thing to a loud noisy creative person

What does future hold? Its uncertain
But change is certain.

Change will come, is coming, and will always happen
I was shy, i was calm, now i am loud.
I stand testimony to change in time,

Unknown and now known.

I was what i was, and i am what i am now, because of change.

Change in life, change in thought, in actions, in all spheres.

Graphic design, photography, and almost everything, i have evolved in.

Explains this year and how some people and stuff i have done has changed me, people who know me will know what i mean by this!