About - Deepa Chandrashekhar is the owner, designer and developer of this website. She is a published author, her book is titled Effectiveness of films in Propagating Environmental Issues; it was published back in January, 2012.  


Deepa Chandrashekhar, sole proprietor of Da-Magix, is a trained graphic and web designer with 5+ years professional experience. Deepa is also a published author, her book is titled Effectiveness of films in propagating environmental issues, a comparison between live action and animation movies.


Da-Magix has a broad and varied client base ranging from industries to educational institutions. Deepa holds a masters degree in MSc in Communication, majoring in Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication from Christ University, Bangalore batch of 2012. She actively took part in extra and co-curricular activities, such as a film club called Transtalkies and the cultural events co-ordination centre Student Welfare Office and so on.


Her hobbies include photography, watching movies, listening to music and playing the keyboard. Being a published author Deepa is a avid reader and she doesn’t prescribe to a genre, she just picks up a book and reads it.


Having undergone training in photography, Deepa is able to understand the finer points of photography: framing, illumination, depth of focus and timing, to capture expressions and moments at the right time.

Most Students can only dream of having their dissertations published, but for Deepa Chandrashekhar that dream has become a reality- Tenzin Dechen, Deccan Chronicle, Saturday 17 March 2012

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