About - Deepa Chandrashekhar is the owner/developer.designer of this website. She is a published author, her book is titled Effectiveness of films in Propagating Environmental Issues; it was published back in January, 2012.  


Da-Magix is owned and run by Deepa Chandrashekhar, primarily she offers personalised designing services. Deepa has designed for both events and organisations since 2007.

Graphic designing was initially a hobby for her, she honed her skills in college be designing for several college festivals over the span of five years.

Her earliest experience of graphic designing, as a hobby was making personalised greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. Albeit this was around 10 years ago, but now, in Deepa’s words: Da-Magix’s motto is- Making people’s special day more special!

Most Students can only dream of having their dissertations published, but for Deepa Chandrashekhar that dream has become a reality- Tenzin Dechen, Deccan Chronicle, Saturday 17 March 2012

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