Publications - titled Effectiveness of Films in Propagating Environmental Issues- A Comparison Between Live Action and Animation Movies

Three years ago a German publishing company LAP Lambert had contacted me, they wanted to acquire my dissertation and publish it as a monograph. The exact date they mailed was 16 January 2012. So I followed up the mail and sent the dissertation, in less than a months time the book was published and it is currently available online on Amazon.Com and  several other websites, the feeling is very surreal. The acquisition editors name is Beatrice Bessons, the book was published on Feb 10/9 2012. The ISBN Number is 978-3-8484-02991

The work aims at finding out which is a better medium to communicate environmental issues. For the purpose of the research, four films were selected, two live action films and two animation films. 2012 and Eight- Below are the two live action films and Wall-E and Madagascar are the two animation films. The study had a sample of 86 people, 45 females and 41 males between the age group of 18 to 28 years. A survey was conducted, consisting of responses to four questions each on the four films. The questions were devised to find out the theme of the films, whether or not the film has scientific grounding and if yes as to the reason why. After tabulating and analysing the results it can be seen that animation films are more popular, majority of the sample believes the films have scientific grounding and that the issues are rendered in a comic fashion.



Cover of the book “Effectiveness of Films in Propagating Environmental Issues: A Comparison Between Live Action and Animation Films


Feature Article Published in the newspaper Deccan Chronicle on Saturday the 17th March, 2012, “When Dreams Take Wings”