Knock Knock

Whose there?

Someone who doesnt care!

Ok so what do u want from me now?

I want to eat you up from the inside.

Replies: oh well go ahead do you want me to add any flavouring?

Yeah sure, anything you like will do!

What about pain, good hard pain? Better to eat then i say!

Knock Kock

Whose there?

It is me I care I care a lot about you!

Yay finally someone who cares!

Here are a box of chocolates, mint flavoured just the way you like it! I know you dont like flowers.

I need to sit down and talk to you for a while someone who cares!

Oh well that is what i am here for, to comfort you when you are in pain.

Thank you that is a big relief!*hugs* *smiles* *laughs like she has never before*

The xxxxendxxxx