Designed this logo for a friend of mine Deepti! This is for a Psychological Assessment and Counselling Centre.

Start with a basic oval outline in some pale colour, such as cream, or light brown. Next within the oval, we have a tree with only three branches, in the form of a psi symbol. On top of the tree, rising behind the tree is a rising sun-the dawn sun. Around the tree are birds of different colours. The logo basically symbolises psychology helping people reach their potential and letting go of their fears.

This is to state that Ms. Deepa Chandrashekhar has designed the logo for ‘Kalarava- Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre’. I would like to state that she has done a wonderful job in a brief amount of time and designed the logo according to our specifications in the most creative manner. Even with the little time given to her to design the logo, she persevered till she got the logo according to our specifications. Her dedication to the job is noted down.

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