La MarvellaNew Year Advertisement

The project was to design advertisements for a hotel La Marvella, for a New Year’s Bash in the hotel or restaurant. The original ad was copy heavy and did not grab attention. The designing layout was not attractive. The advertisement in left is the original copy heavy ad and the right is the reworked advertisement with modified copy, layout and design elements.


The contents are the visual of the logos of the four restaurants and what each venue has to offer to the people. The message was to announce to the public that La Marvella is hosting four New Year parties in four restaurants, the name of the restaurant the DJ’s or the performers and the MC’s of the shows. The text or copy of the ad was divided into three parts, the first one- Entry to all four venues unlimited entertainment, beverages and food and the second parts reads- Attractive Room Packages also available. The third part- the phones numbers for reservation and the address of the Hotel/ Restaurant. The target audience were people who want to have a New Years party in South Bangalore’s La Marvella.

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