27 Nov 2013

Arise! Awake!

We always find excuses to postpone things in life, in my case it would be to write and honest blog post; like I used to before. A post that gives an insight into what I am doing (apart from working). Lot of things have been going on the past few months, sometimes we or I need to press pause and observe things, people, and objects around us. Photographs usually help, it helps remembering a moment,

5 May 2013

This is how it is

Hi! It has been sometime, since I wrote a blog!! A lot has been happening since the last post. I worked in an ITES firm for a while, I planned on starting my own company too. Oh and it has been over a year since the book got published! So, from july 2012 onwards till about January, I worked for a company and experienced how different it is to work!! In between all this, my brother