A lot has happened over the year! I seem to always start my new year posts every year. This yeah has by-far been the most different year so far. I have done a lot of new things, I had an eye opener early on this  year, which I will explain at great length in a while! I have changed a lot of things! Firstly I changed the website design and I have been more regular as well. I have started new projects which keeps me inspired! I have gone to places and I have read probably some of the greatest books written the past few years. Oh and really early on this year I left my job, and started freelancing!

I have always wanted to freelance, I like the freedom I get, I decide what the design needs to look like, I interact with the customer/client/friend directly. I have designed brochures, wedding cards and logos this year! The wedding invitations are on this site by the way! Designed them for a friend Pritha! Lots of people have got married and she contacted me at the right time and she liked the cards a lot!!

So, early on this year right after I left my job, I started to walk and then went to the gym for a while and hurt my ankle pretty bad. I had to get arch support footwear and since February end I have jogged a lot since then! And I feel much better! I have more energy, don’t get tired that easily later!! This is a photo of sunrise at the place I have been jogging at by the way.

Apart from this I have gone to Mysore and Ooty again this year! Took lots of photos! Added a few photos from my Mysore trip! Ooty, I am having a hard time choosing all the photos. I will try to embed the photos from iCloud or Flickr 🙂

I have also attended a few weddings and taken photos of them! I took photos of my best friend Deepti’s brother Pradeep’s Mehendi function! There are a whole lot of photos of the function that you’ll can see.

The camera family has grown! I got a new bag which I think took a few months to come to Bangalore! I got a fixed 50mm lens with a beautiful aperture of 1.8! It is also called the pancake lens!! This lens is capable of taking stunning photos!




As I said earlier I have read a lot of books this year! Some have made me open my eyes up about life and how we deal with people! Thanks to the iPad have read a lot of books, books that I can’t find in shops here! I had recently discussed about a book called Awaken! I am reiterating that it is a very good read!! Some of the book series I have read are very nice! Do check out my Goodreads page you can get an idea of what I have read!

That is about it! This a brief summary of my year!