1. I like getting drenched in the rain, i feel happy.

2. I can listen to any kind of music, but it depends on my mood.

3. I do not want to be sad so I am giving up on some people not naming them, it has to happen for my good.

4. Known devils are better than unknown angels.

5. I have not given permission for random people to call me Deeps or Deepa Chan.

6. I do not like it when friends lie.

7. I have learnt the hard way that I should not expect anything from anyone, even family.

8. There is a difference between close friends, and friends.

9. People who stand the test of time only can be called true friends.

10. I have to eat more healthy food.

So this is me, dont care if you find any of this harsh, reality check, this is my life 🙂 Im going to live it my way!