We are creators

DaMagix is now The Magix (December 2023), registered as a Sole Proprietor Company, founded by Deepa Chandrashekhar. We are headquartered in Bangalore.

A Graphic & Web Designer

Introducing The Magix, a trusted partner for all creative needs. Previously known as Damagix Technologies, the company has undergone a rebranding and is now registered as a Sole Proprietorship. Deepa Chandrashekhar, the Founder and Proprietor of The Magix, invites clients to experience her passion for delivering exceptional creative solutions.

With a decade of experience as a freelancer in Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Photography, and Videography, Deepa has had the opportunity to work with clients across various industries and institutions. Her diverse portfolio showcases a versatile skill set and an acute understanding of different fields.


Maturity of design

We have more design experience so we provide quicker design solutions 

Do you have a problem

We have a solution waiting for you. With nearly a decade’s worth of experience we have partial solutions waiting to be tweaked to fix your problems

Gamut of clients

Ideas always in plenty, we have worked with so many institutions across different industries. Educational institutions, MSME’s small scale industries to large scale industries, StartUps and Healthcare sector. 

Our Clients