11 Feb 2009

Identity or Individuality?

I was thinking for a while, if i am having identity or individuality conflicts. One defines his or her identity by what he or she does, actions speak louder than words, so i am as an individual judged only by what i do, my style of designing, photos, the music i listen to the dress i wear? Isn't it like i am just being judged by my outer cover, like a tortoise and its shell,

4 Feb 2009

Mid semester fever, what next?

All my 6 papers are over, the 2 papers i felt the easiest were psychology and photography. I had fun writing the two papers, i felt optional was nice but i am not too sure about that. So after all the hype about the mid semester exam, what is going to change my life? I need inspiration to make something nice, i am not even able to play my music nicely! This seems very odd,