5 Apr 2011

Chennai Travels

And yes going to Chennai was the first time and i went in a train the experience was so very amazing :P The first night I couldnt sleep, cause I didnt know how to honestly. We reached Chennai and then waited for a while and went to AVM studios! Yes I did got to a studio and yes i have photos and videos of it will be adding them now :) The trip was really

28 Feb 2011


Well this year I have done so many things I have never done before, and im amazing myself everyday and maybe others as well. I staged a play did not design or even attend in bloom, I went on my first every journey on a train to Chennai, and ya first time to Chennai, spent and entire day in a studio went to a beach, which i have never done so far, got a massive

1 Feb 2011

Change Part 3

Now I am 21 an adult I guess? Addictions are something all of us have, and Im addicted to Vampires and any romantic story Is it because I lack a love life? or a life outside college and work? Is it cause it is only a myth? That you cant find the life you or Im always after? Dreaming a life that is never possible, and life becoming a dream at the end of the