8 Jun 2016

World on a Plate Food Carnival

I am a foodie, I like experimenting trying different cuisines, actively looking out for new restaurants and dessert places in Bangalore. I am a vegetarian by choice, so sometimes the choice is hard. I watch travel and living sorta channels, during lazy stay at home kind of weekends. Apart from watching during weekends, I have been following the tv show Master Chef Australia, for roughly about 4 years now. I drool looking at some of

6 Jan 2016

The Year 2015

The Year 2015 was one of those years where I’ve learnt a lot of things, both at the personal and professional front. The start of the year I had made a resolution that I will learn something new! So I bought a book and taught myself Adobe Illustrator. I have learnt so many tips and tricks thanks to this application. I’ve been able to design a lot more and in very different styles. There are

29 Dec 2014

The year 2014!

Da-Magix.Com, my company has had a very successful year! Designed and made a few websites, wedding invitations and other design collaterals. On the personal front as well, I have had a few changes! This is a year, where I have tried to get clients from different areas of work, apart from wedding and email invitations, I have designed websites for actors, companies and individuals. Apart from this I am working on two other clients. Working

30 Dec 2013

The Year That is Coming to the Close!

A lot has happened over the year! I seem to always start my new year posts every year. This yeah has by-far been the most different year so far. I have done a lot of new things, I had an eye opener early on this  year, which I will explain at great length in a while! I have changed a lot of things! Firstly I changed the website design and I have been more regular

5 May 2013

This is how it is

Hi! It has been sometime, since I wrote a blog!! A lot has been happening since the last post. I worked in an ITES firm for a while, I planned on starting my own company too. Oh and it has been over a year since the book got published! So, from july 2012 onwards till about January, I worked for a company and experienced how different it is to work!! In between all this, my brother

1 Jan 2012

The Start of Something New!

Before i explain this year, I'm sorry for not having written anything since around Feb, as you can see I have been really busy! Jan 2011- Start of the year pretty dull cause i don't remember what i did lol, when i remember the other years. Had mid seems and did not take part or organize in-bloom actually didn't even attend it! Feb 2011- Had my first ever train journey to Chennai and went away

5 Apr 2011

Chennai Travels

And yes going to Chennai was the first time and i went in a train the experience was so very amazing :P The first night I couldnt sleep, cause I didnt know how to honestly. We reached Chennai and then waited for a while and went to AVM studios! Yes I did got to a studio and yes i have photos and videos of it will be adding them now :) The trip was really

28 Feb 2011


Well this year I have done so many things I have never done before, and im amazing myself everyday and maybe others as well. I staged a play did not design or even attend in bloom, I went on my first every journey on a train to Chennai, and ya first time to Chennai, spent and entire day in a studio went to a beach, which i have never done so far, got a massive

31 Dec 2010

The Decade

This is going to be one of those massive posts, which might make some people teary eyed, so given fare warning about it. So lets start from the early 2000's 2000 came to the new big building in Aurobindo 2001 lost my granddad and started to wear the skirt and blouse uniform (lol) 2002 I met Deepti my bestest best friend, who is my total soul sister came to high school 2003 Lost Ajji which

17 Nov 2010

A New Life

This post had to be written a long time ago, I haven't had the time to, honestly! Doing post graduation in Christ University now, taken up Msc in Communication, haven't had the time to breathe till today, nor the mood actually. I have loads to talk about, so this is one of the those monstrous posts warned you already! So my class is pretty cool, it is not like FEP, very sweet bunch of friends,