29 Sep 2008

One thing you should know….

One thing you should know You control my life Like I am some thing Hurting me, ripping me from inside and not out Your words can make me jump from a scrapper Thinking I have survived the fall, dusting me As though I am alright just by that Can’t express my feelings, Can’t sing it Can’t play games no more Cannot be controlled any longer I need to reach to you and tell you That

1 Aug 2008


Chapter 1: Saving of a life in the works. It was a cold wintery evening in Hull, the fire was nice and warm, and Kimberly was waiting in the window platform for her father. He has never come home late, but this evening he has taken more time than usual to come back. Danny her father is a Cardio Surgeon, he is one of the leading doctors in Hull, he is ranked in his country

27 Jul 2008

All my poems

These are all my poems that I have written so far- Nature the painting of the world Which can be seen by all Flowers show the colors of the rainbow when it isn’t raining The water shows us the sky which is very far away from us. Trees make us to reach our goals by their height. Nature reflects what we could have been.

6 Jul 2008

Bennigton Carlton A Story

Bennigton Carlton A Story Characters in the story- ·Mr. Bennigton Carlton-the hero, ·The Butler a guy from Puerto Rico Carlos Codas and his wife Senora Codas, ·His daughter Kate named after his late wife Kate, ·The bus driver, ·Kate’s best friend Rivan, ·The Hijackers who work for ‘The Young Strikers’, ·Canate Striker the son of the villainous gang the Strikers.   ‘God I wish you can help me I am confused please help me’ whispered

6 Jul 2008

Drama un-edited

Rules are meant to be broken Characters of the play Jodi Parker Matt Sandburg Catherine Parker- Jodi’s mother, she takes care of her until she turns 18. Mitch Parker- Jodi’s father, Jodi has not seen him much as he left when she was only 7 years of age. Stephen Sandburg- Matt’s parents, owners of a world renowned magazine E! Talk. Scene 1 Stephen’s cabinet (Left of the stage) Stephen:Next person please! Come on in young