6 Apr 2009

2nd Year Over!

I am done with 2 full years in Christ College, i am a free bird! I am in mixed emotions now, im happy that i have finished 2 yrs and im sad that i have only 1 more year left in college! I am going to make most out of it! Music dancing whatever it may be! I am going to do it with all the effort! So cheers to a new year and cheers

4 Apr 2009

As i write

As i write, i stare at a blank post, its very metaphorical to my life at the moment. I am having a conflict within me, this is the 1st time i have stared at my laptops screen and thought what i am going to after college, this is the time i have to decide what i have to do for the rest of my life, and so my status message is wants to turn a

2 Jan 2009

1st working day free!!!!

I went to VJ's house, was in coll around 9:30 and at 11 mam took attendance and left us off by 11:15 and i was killing time till 12:30 hogged lunch and dad picked me up at around 1 back home by 1:15 and slept off

1 Jan 2009

Jan 01 09

My day was so so, it started out with a bang! I called up my soul sister Deepti, and wished her a happieeeee wapieeeeeeeee new year (sounds funny right?) Then i called up Garima and wished her she was almost asleep and i guess i woke her up :P I called 4 other friends who did not pick their phones up, 2 of them were at Church and the other 2 had switched their phones