Designs made for

La Marvella Brunch Ad

These ads are a part of my internship that I did in an advertising agency back in 2012 between the months of January and March. La Marvella was a a client, I had to re-work on their ads,the project involved in designing ads for a hotel La Marvella, for a Sunday Brunch offer they had then. The original ad had a lot of clutter and the ad was copy heavy, the copy was modified so that it is fits the ad better, as the size of the ad is small.
The content was a visual of the logo of the restaurant Golden Oak and the logo of La Marvella. The message was to announce to the public that La Marvella has an offer for a sunday brunch. The text or copy of the ad includes the price of the lunch which is 399 and the headline Delicious Sunday Brunch. Golden Oak’s tagline Multi Cuisine Restaurant. The reservation number was also provided.

La Marvella New Year Advertisement

The project was to design advertisements for a hotel La Marvella, for a New Year’s Bash in the hotel or restaurant. The original ad was copy heavy and did not grab attention. The designing layout was not attractive. The advertisement in left is the original copy heavy ad and the right is the reworked advertisement with modified copy, layout and design elements.

In Bloom 2010 Poster Design

Older Card Designs