Graphic Designing

What started off as a hobby has become a full-time profession. At The Magix, we provide custom-made designs for all your requirements. On occasion, we’ve provided photography and videography services as well, that go along with our design project specially for you.
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Limited space and lots of creativity. Are you starting a new company? Or are you thinking of rebranding? We can provide you with a logo ideal for your business within a short duration of time. Want to see some of the cool logos we’ve designed?


Showcasing your products & services can never get easier. We’ve worked on several brochures for several companies across different industries and segments. We design brochures digitally and ensure the design looks amazing even when you get them printed. Here are few of our best designs

Posters, Banners and other print design collaterals

We have actually lost count of how many posters we have designed, over the decade we have designed several posters for companies and individuals alike! Some of our customers have been with us since the beginning, they have seen our design sense mature.  Maturity of design, we have more design experience so we provide quicker design solutions. We adapt very quickly for your specific design problem. With all the design solutions we have worked on; we have a partial solution all ready for you, which we will fine tune and find a solution specific to you. We have experience designing for several classes, Deepa has designed for businesses, weddings, startups and so much more. A gamut of clients and several design templates from our repertoire for you to choose from. We have been constantly reinventing ourselves and learning so much more on the way, for over a decade


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