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Designed two wedding invitations for my close friend Pritha and her in-laws. Both the designs are very Victorian England with lace and paisley designs. The colour combination is also very regal!

Weddings they say are the most important day in a person’s life and you want everything to be just perfect. So we, my fiancé and I knew that our invitation has to be just perfect, something that speaks of us as a couple. I approached Deepa not sure if she will be able to deliver. All that I knew was her ideas were fresh, she was ready to experiment and go lengths to have your dream wedding card made just as you had always imagined and I must say, I am a very happy client. The end result was beyond our expectations and we are thoroughly impressed by her hard work. She is a very patient listener, tries to understand what colours you like, what kinds of motifs you would prefer and the minutest of all details. Her ideas are not bound and definitely something that you have never come across. Thank you so much Deepa for making us a wonderful wedding invite!!