At The we have 5 years of job experience planning, designing, and executing various forms of digital marketing

Ask Deepa,  a recipe vlog launched by Deepa in 2021, boasts nearly 200 YouTube videos and a substantial following of 500 organic subscribers. With 3000-plus Facebook followers and 1600 on Instagram, the vlog maintains an active social media presence. The content strategy involves a monthly calendar based on Google Trends, and insights from Youtube and Instagram analytics guide topic and style choices. In-house production, including scripting and editing with the latest technologies, is a priority. A new website is underway to showcase diverse recipe categories. Utilising ChatGPT, the team researches and generates fresh content ideas, ensuring “Ask Deepa” remains engaging and relevant for its audience.

Social Media Marketing

We’ve worked on both paid and free Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. Marketing on social media is a long term project, it takes longer than weeks and months. Time and money needs to be invested for a long term duration to see return of investment (ROI) Example: In the beginning Deepa was only posting written recipes every few weeks. After she started to post weekly videos and teasers for the same, her Facebook page for Ask Deepa, the subscriptions have doubled without investing any money. On 22nd June, had 200 likes currently in November, 2021 the page has over 500 likes. Both Organic and Paid marketing campaigns are services we offer.

Facebook and Instagram Carousel ads

We have worked on some really interesting projects, one of which being a Facebook and Instagram Carousel ad. The designing parameters, have been set by the Facebook. The images needs to be copy light and representational to the products or services offered. 

E-mail Marketing

Since 2012, we have been working on E-mailers. We start with designing a template on Adobe Illustrator. After we have received design approval from the client we export individual parts of the design and hand code the emailers using HTML5 and InLine CSS on Adobe Dreamweaver. The coded and designed HTML file and Image are ready to be used in a campaign on platforms such as Mailchimp or CRM software such as Zoho Campaigns. Check out for samples of all the newsletters we’ve designed, coded and executed on Zoho Campaigns.