Smitha Umesan is a budding writer, who has a booked published titled “Achan’s Flamingo”. She had a basic website hosted on WordPress, that lacked features and customisations. She had limited experience managing and adding pages on WordPress. 

We took around 1 week to understand the pre-made or pre configured WordPress platform, the website has to be developed and designed with pre existing technologies.  The Gutenberg interface was used to design individual pages, the addition of Gutenberg blocks helped speed up the process. 

With limited extensions, the theme or template was selected based on the preference of the client. We had come up with a basic framework so Smitha, was able to upload her content page by page. 

This website making process was rather different. We setup a basic page and showed exactly how to add the content without knowledge of coding a website. Right now Smitha is able to upload and update her content on her own.

The website has 5 different sections, each section is designed or developed slightly different, to best showcase her content. We have used Instagram Integration feature on Gutenberg blocks, to add some of her videos and artwork. Apart from this the blog section has a masonry layout showing and illustrating her travelogues. 

Smitha has been able to keep her site up to date on her own. With her latest trips and clips. 

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My association started with Deepa since Nov 2021 when I was working to get a website done for putting my blogs all together at one place. It was a great experience working with Deepa as she was someone who made be learn a new skill about web designing. The collaborative efforts results in a beautiful website which depicted about me “Traveller thru Life”. This was only possible because of her sincere efforts, hard work and creative thinking.

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