27 Oct 2008

Analysis of a semester

This is one post i have been planning for, I have done a lot this semester, i have evolved a lot, in life in design and even in photography June was the 1st month of college, the 1st week we were getting use to the fact that i am in my 2nd yr, and that one entire yr is over being in Christ! Meeting the juniors was an amazing expereince, to see all of them,

23 Oct 2008

Part 2 of my bday

The party was amazing, Hima and me ate a veg exotica, while the rest ate non veg. We ordered all sorts of drinks non alcholic before yout think of something else! I had a lot of fun! When i came back home amma made pop corn, and a after a while we cut the cake, and anna put a bit of icing on my face :P not tooo much the way 2 ppl wanted it

23 Oct 2008

My 19th Birthday

I had an amazing day, Garima was the 1st to call me followed by Deepti and Mo! Many friends called me and messaged me! The 1st to message me was Lisha, in the morn Ahana messaged me followed by Abey, at about 7 Ahana called and Sir called at the same time! I reseved blessings from my aunts and my grand aunt and uncle as well, at around 10 i went for my bath and

4 Oct 2008

Mystique Serenity

The wind blows gently on your face, It feels as though someone is touching you softly, gently, You are being pulled towards it. The cool gentle feeling of being caressed by nature By its splendid mystique feeling You are being drawn towards it, It completes us, it makes us feel that we are a part of something beautiful A World of

3 Oct 2008

October so far

The month just started and quiet a lot has happened already! I have a portfolio to submit tomorrow and Luz my lappy is dead she has gone to hp hopefully she is fixable, I have loads of work left to finish and my exams start next week so thats crazy So tomo is saturday, I have to clean my table up, find my ipods usb cable and I have to load the photos i clicked