3 Apr 2010

I know when

I know when i am leaving college When I am no longer checking my attendance When I am no longer worrying about Darpan or Inbloom and a theme When I am not thinking about a logo When I am not staying up doing an assignment When I don't need to plan my outfit for the next day When I don't need to worry about my hair When I don't need to fix some part of

7 Feb 2010


Things happen for a reason, call it fate or destiny everything has a purpose. So this post is about how I am feeling nostalgic and stuff, about 30 days left in college, some things have happened which are simply amazing! First thing that changed me, was ordering my cam, originally I wanted a sony h9! Thank God Uttam suggested this camera! Taking the certificate course was prolly the best thing I did, I made soooooo

1 Jan 2010

2009 Written

This year has been the most remarkable year! Successful events, winning first place for the first time, being in final year, getting an imac! Wow this year has truly been amazing! So the year started of with Inbloom 09, which went of really well minus my cam though. Then came Silhouette! It was the best thing that happened in 2nd yr in our dept i swear! I owe it all to my class and my

19 Jun 2009

Defined Life? Undefined still

I'm back into my analyzing mood, i want to know what life is. what defines life? What will happen if i ask this question? What can i expect from myself, by doing something like this. I believe right now that, life is something that defines a person, a path on which a person travels, and keeps on travelling till death, or even after that. I have certain goals, certain features, certain things that define me,

13 May 2009

Twilight Saga

A movie, a song, a smile, a hug, people change your life. The twilight series affected me at a different level all together. reading the books, watching to movie, and listening to the music from the movie, all of it changed me, each artist each song, has a meaning to it, and i did not know most of the bands, who had made songs for the movie, did not know paramore nor O.A.R, very different

22 Apr 2009


Funny post after a long while!. The following are some of my nicknames, please add more, comment on this post to increase the list- Deeps Nikki Deep Deepali Deepu De De D Panda Deepshika Peepa Dep Deepa Chan DC Dicha Danda Danda Deepa Nick Tauki Dapoetess2210 Dap DP Crazy Freak Show, Moon Quake Deepakshi These are all that i have found add on add on

19 Apr 2009

New things

1. I like getting drenched in the rain, i feel happy. 2. I can listen to any kind of music, but it depends on my mood. 3. I do not want to be sad so I am giving up on some people not naming them, it has to happen for my good. 4. Known devils are better than unknown angels. 5. I have not given permission for random people to call me Deeps or Deepa

13 Apr 2009

An odd week

Tuesday was the last day i ate out, wednesday i was fine, thursday morn i was fine, but thirsday night i felt really tired and i had a bad headache! When mum checked my temperature i had about 101 degrees, so i had a crocin, the fever had gone but in the morning again i had fever so in the evening at around 5 dad and me went to Indra Nursing Home and met the

7 Apr 2009

Knock knock

Knock Knock Whose there? Someone who doesnt care! Ok so what do u want from me now? I want to eat you up from the inside. Replies: oh well go ahead do you want me to add any flavouring? Yeah sure, anything you like will do! What about pain, good hard pain? Better to eat then i say!