15 Mar 2009

Two years over in Christ College

Pinch me, two years over in Christ College, from first FEP to second, from Christ College to Christ University.  April 2007 was one hell of a month, i was blinking what i was going to take, which college i was going to join, got into Christ, felt i was dreaming and i still feel so, best college in Bangalore! Graphic design, newsletter, one act play festival, after that, communiquere and then 1st yr over. Next

11 Feb 2009

Identity or Individuality?

I was thinking for a while, if i am having identity or individuality conflicts. One defines his or her identity by what he or she does, actions speak louder than words, so i am as an individual judged only by what i do, my style of designing, photos, the music i listen to the dress i wear? Isn't it like i am just being judged by my outer cover, like a tortoise and its shell,

4 Feb 2009

Mid semester fever, what next?

All my 6 papers are over, the 2 papers i felt the easiest were psychology and photography. I had fun writing the two papers, i felt optional was nice but i am not too sure about that. So after all the hype about the mid semester exam, what is going to change my life? I need inspiration to make something nice, i am not even able to play my music nicely! This seems very odd,

13 Jan 2009

Uttam’s Bday

Last night all of us at home went to a cool eat out called South Indies! Amazing food, at food from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka the food was amazing i liked the Neer Dosa the best, it was soooo soft, it melted in my mouth! The pineapple soup was interesting! The sweet as usual was a bit too heavy for me to eat! Dileep my cousin came home and spent time with

23 Nov 2008

Life is Good!

I have passed and my eye power has not increased, and tht is good, so life is good and im listening to better music, and im making cards which look good! I have got thru the next semester with a first class! so life is good Life is amazing now, hope it stays like this

8 Nov 2008

A few words…

These are somethings that are very close to me. I learnt them in school! We are told about a girl of seventeen months who ran to meet her father when he returned after s few day's absence, and stroked and kissed his facevand gave him all her toys. The mother who gives these beautiful presents to her child feels that her own life is in her son or daughter. And just as her heart is

27 Oct 2008

Analysis of a semester

This is one post i have been planning for, I have done a lot this semester, i have evolved a lot, in life in design and even in photography June was the 1st month of college, the 1st week we were getting use to the fact that i am in my 2nd yr, and that one entire yr is over being in Christ! Meeting the juniors was an amazing expereince, to see all of them,

23 Oct 2008

Part 2 of my bday

The party was amazing, Hima and me ate a veg exotica, while the rest ate non veg. We ordered all sorts of drinks non alcholic before yout think of something else! I had a lot of fun! When i came back home amma made pop corn, and a after a while we cut the cake, and anna put a bit of icing on my face :P not tooo much the way 2 ppl wanted it