FocusUpGaming WooCommerce Gaming Website

FocusUpGaming is a website that designed and coded recently. This website hosts gaming tournaments on a weekly and monthly basis. Gamers can participate in these events by purchasing tickets through a WooCommerce integration. This makes the website was a great learning experience. The navigation bar menu and the functions of the website are significantly different. The website is built using the WordPress platform.

WooCommerce one page checkout is one of the several features that have been added to the website so as to streamline the WooCommerce frontend and backend interface. The single page checkout has a detailed form that customers fill before making the payment for a tournament. Paypal payment integration has been configured for this website.

Based on the client’s specific requests. Customisations were tailor-made for this website. Scores are submitted using a plugin called Forminator, which tabulates the data entered in the fronted and collates the same in the backend. The data is manually entered in the results page, after the scoring and completion of the tournament. Scoring on this website was pretty complicated, understanding and inputting the logic behind it was a significant learning experience for the developer.

Points are awarded based on Kills and Placements in the 3 tournaments which are Warzone Events, Apex Events, Apex Custom Lobby Events. The website took around 3 months to design, code and test. The client has organised several events over the past few months. Take a look at a few images from the website below or visit the FocusUpGaming website.

FocusUpGaming Website Homepage
FocusUpGaming Website Single Page Checkout
FocusUpGaming Website Checkout Page Form
FocusUpGaming Report Scores Page and Dropdown Menu

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