Nimitham- A collaborative website design and development project on WordPress

The design process for this website was very different, previously Smitha had got in touch with us for a blog, that was hosted through wordpress. We have been involved from the first phase of this website, by helping the client to purchase both the domain name and hosting for the website.

The client already had extensive amount of content, that had to be structured and added to the website. We used WordPress’ Post Categories option to segregate and classify the posts into each section. This helps in updating the content dynamically, without the need to update the website at a code level. Now when Smitha uploads a new post and selects a category, the post automatically reflects in the resulting dynamic page.

Smitha has been working along with us through the project, the design process was different for this reason. The pages were structured and were designed keeping in mind the content, for each series within the website. The website has 4 sections, Kapi Poha Sessions, Unknown Known Series, Doodle Series and Projects. The website has a different sidebar menu, that opens up when one clicks on the hamburger menu on the right.

The Nimitham website is very visual, we are proud of the design that we have come up with. 

About Page Header on Mobile
Kapi Poha Sessions
Sidebar Navigation Menu
Sample Blog Content

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